Running Wild in Thailand
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Running Wild in Thailand

Howard starts filming his 11th Feature and it's no walk in the park. Six weeks of stunning locations with a sting in the tail.

Howard arrived in Thailand armed with a script by Tom Boyle with the working title 'River Of Blood'.

The story follows two young couples on the holiday of a lifetime, staying at a luxurious jungle resort that boasts adventure and solitude. The friends set off on a Kayaking adventure into the jungle. However, one of the group 'Richie', disappears under mysterious crcumstances. As the others desperatly search for him, they encounter an indigenous tribe. Initially unaware of the danger, they soon discover that cannibalism is alive and well in the jungle. Their dream vacation quickly turns into a living nightmare!

Starring Joseph Millson (Casino Royale), Louis James (Help), Ella Starbuck (Witch), David Wayman (The Ledge) and Sarah A Marks (Witch).

Today's Tag Line: Kayaks and Cannibals

September 2023, Howard travels to Thailand to scout for locations, one of which is the cave he is exploring above. The video he shot below demostrates the atmospere that ouzes out of the landscape. What menace hides in the rocks and behind those trees?

Howard takes a Kayak for a spin, to soak up the atmosphere. © Howard J Ford

Two months later, 7th November, the cast and crew start arriving in Thailand. A mere seven days later, on 14th November they were ready to start principle photogaraphy. This will be a 6 week shoot.

Howard is once again working with Joseph Millson, who, as you will all remember starred in The DEAD 2. 

Howard gives us a sneak preview from the monitor on day one. © Howard J Ford

We caught up with Howard at the end of the first day to see how it's going: 
"Absolutely, that's day one of principle photography and it's honestly some of the most beautiful footage I have ever seen! Incredible work out of the gate from the cast and crew.  Where we are now, Baannai Lake View Resort is a breathtaking location."

With the cast and crew now moving into the Jungle, the real filming challenges begin: 

© Howard J Ford

See more images of the shoot below.

We hope to catch up with Howard for more news shortly.... Well as soon as we can find him that is!

Team Latitude

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